Family is Forever


This week I had the privilege of shooting a very fun, outgoing family! It was my very firsy official shoot and I am looking forward to many more these next two weeks! Here are a few photos of the family that I had a blast photographing!

Marriage is Memories


"The heart of marriage is memories." -Bill Cosby

I love that he said that. Its where my passion comes in. Without pictures, memories would fade and you wouldn't be able to remember all the details that were so important while planning your wedding. That's what I focused on during this wedding I assisted on. I was there to help fellow photographer, Bobby Griffin, with the little things that matter so much- crooked ties, blinking eyes, and holding the props, etc. But he also let me shoot along with him. I didn't want to overstep my bounds, so I tried to let him direct and I shot ff to the side and focused more on the little things. So here are my favorites. Let me know any and all feedback. (I'm still learning the technical part of it all.)

Her Details


The Bride

The Rings

The Girls

The Couple

(They didn't go traditional, so this was the first time they saw each other. I wanted to capture her face, in amazement... because I know how I felt seeing my husband for the first time on our wedding day.)