Oh, Sunday


Release : to free from obligation or duty.

Today, I needed some time for just me. Some people go get coffee and read, play a sport, or take a drive... I take pictures. I live on 16 acres of my mother and father in laws land and today I ventured out. These are just miscellaneous things that intrigued me enough to see what beauty I could find within them. On land that's been untouched- there is a lot of plant life, animals, old objects etc... So that's what I attempted to capture. I thank God for the land I walked on today- as it was my release
On this Sunday afternoon, this was my church.

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  1. Brit, I really do love these. I have some of those brilliant colored trees in my yard. They're so pretty! Also I really like how you captured that cat in its own little world. These are really great. Hope you post more soon. :)