I believe in Santa Claus!

Every year since I was born and back three more generations in my family, Santa has visited all of our homes on Christmas Eve. And its not what you think: that Santa comes and fills our stockings after everyone has fallen to sleep...like he does the rest of the world. Santa stops at our house and walks slowly inside taking time from his trip around the world to spend special time with each of us and give us our presents individually. Tradition to me is something that should never be broken. I'm one who hates change, so i stick with it! Anyways, this tradition is my very favorite. Last year my son, Gage, was only about three weeks old when santa visited. Which you know isn't near old enough to comprehend who the big guy in the red suit, with the long white beard, and is holding me with a tight grip (as i sleep) is. So as you might get from all this- my husband and I were looking forward to this specific time very much. Not to mention- it was also my husbands first time to experience this glorious tradition with my family beings it was our first Christmas together as a married couple! This year Gage would be almost 13 months and fully capable of having any emotion he wanted toward the big guy. And he did. As a walking, wanting to talk little guy, he didnt have much to say. He took steps forward then backward depending on the way Santa moved. But finally, it happened. He trusted Santa enough to reach out and touch him... And here is the picture I took in that very instant:

This is the only picture I got but as the saying states "A picture is worth a thousand words." My family and I will cherich this picture knowing another generation is enjoying a part of our history. I hope my kids and their kids continue to share this tradition and keep believing in Santa for years and generations to come.

What traditions do you and your family have?


  1. I love this Britt! You are so good at capturing moments. :) This seems like such a fun tradition I would love to start. Does Santa give each person a gift that applies to their personality? And who plays Santa? :D This seems SO COOL! My only problem is, my husband was raised in a house that did not allow Santa Claus since their mother felt it made Santa more important than God... Well, she can think what she wants but I believe that is bologna. Jared in turn wants to NOT do the whole Santa Claus thing because it is lying to the child. What do you think? How can I convince him to let Santa in? Some of my very best memories as a child were attached to him. Any advice?

  2. well each kid writes a letter to santa with what they want, and santa gets them something off of the list usually. it was so special growing up. knowing christmas was about jesus was very enforced in my childhood, so we knew sants was just a fun thing to have also. so i feel like if you show your kids jesus is the focus, they will know better. my husbands mom was like that, santa was never part of this christmas either, so this year was his first and he thought it was the coolest thing ever! santa is just santa :)